The Digital Marketing Coordinator is primarily responsible for the scheduling, coordinating, deploying, and reporting of activities supporting US Assure’s digital marketing strategy.  Principal tasks include executing multichannel marketing programs; building and launching emails, landing pages, nurture streams, and all supporting workflow assets using marketing automation software; coordinating internal and 3rd party vendor emails and online ad placement; and guiding the internal and external review and proofing process of digital assets. Additional functions of this position include collecting and analyzing the results of executed digital activities and making thoughtful recommendations for improvement and optimization, creating department reports, and providing tactical campaign support to senior marketing staff.



  • Schedule, coordinate, execute and monitor company’s digital marketing tactics, adhering to agreed-upon deadlines
  • Create emails, landing pages, etc., from content provided; properly incorporate campaign links and tags for accurate results tracking
  • Update and manipulate photography for use in digital assets following established brand guidelines
  • Act as primary point of contact with 3rd party vendors, maintain relationships and coordinate email and digital ad placement
  • Analyze complex data and make thoughtful recommendations for improvement with measurable results
  • Adhere to digital best practices and assist in the implementation of optimization recommendations
  • Maintain and update marketing program templates, emails and landing pages
  • Provide support with Salesforce database management efforts
  • Assist with the documentation of department processes, procedures and standards
  • Create and compile department reports
  • Provide tactical support to senior marketing leaders


Working in a high volume, multi-tasked, goal oriented, team environment, the Systems Analyst is responsible for planning and performing analysis of major company activities and/or functions and guides the subsequent design and implementation or improvement of existing business systems applications.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities


  • Utilize available personnel and computer systems resources to analyze information, methods, systems, and procedures to determine the most useful business solutions to the company.
  • Analyze, interpret, and make recommendations via formal proposals and/or presentations.
  • Perform proactive activities related to the completion and implementation of a project.
  • Participate in all phases of a project including, but not limited to, requirements elicitation, analysis, design, testing, and production triage.
  • Assist with the coordination of user acceptance testing (UAT) with business users.
  • Participate in team retrospectives and other meetings.
  • Assist in the development of user documentation.
  • Assist with quality assurance (QA) for system enhancements/modifications.
  • Work closely with representatives from the business to elicit and/or clarify requirements, document requests for system enhancements/modifications, and coordinate with developers on an approach for implementation.
  • Carry-out/participate in problem analysis and system design preparatory for the development of programs.
  • Work in partnership with stakeholders and US Assure’s corporate vision and mission.




The Marketing & Sales Call Team Supervisor is primarily responsible for overseeing the day-to-day coordination and production of our outbound B2B marketing contact team. Working in a high volume, multi-tasking, goal oriented and team atmosphere, this individual is responsible for driving our marketing results by creating an environment which provides quantitative and qualitative customer satisfaction via our outbound calling team. This includes establishing and tracking progress towards objectives, quality monitoring, providing performance and quality feedback for employee development, motivating, coaching, training and problem solving. This position requires a positive and motivated individual with a proven ability to organize multiple projects simultaneously, meet deadlines, produce accurate and timely performance reports, identify opportunities for improvement and provide recommendations for viable solutions, and implement new and refine existing call team processes. The Marketing & Sales Call Team Supervisor also assists the manager with daily team operation and administration.



  • Oversee the day-to-day production and coordination of outbound call team; manage call assignments, prioritize competing objectives, provide daily direction and supervision to the call team to ensure quality and performance standards are met, and execute planned marketing activities to achieve defined goals and results
  • Ensure all inquiries are handled efficiently within established time frames/work standards, including assessing call team resources including forecasting work load, capacity and demand planning to guarantee calls are made and duties are fulfilled by team within agreed time scales and in an appropriate manner
  • Recommend and implement call strategies based on campaign type and target audience
  • Ensure team members are properly trained and supplied with the resources to effectively promote the company’s products, services and brand message
  • Maintain availability as key departmental resource for company guidelines, department procedures, specified workflows and assigned projects
  • Perform on‐the‐job training and classroom instructions as appropriate for technical and non‐technical competencies
  • Perform consistent, timely performance and quality monitoring, including providing feedback and coaching on a regular basis to team members
  • Assist manager with setting performance and quality expectations
  • Uphold a positive team environment that inspires, motivates and encourages employees, recognizes achievement and develops staff
  • Review and refine existing call campaign processes, creating effective, efficient, standardized methods; revisit on a planned basis to optimize processes as necessary
  • Organize and analyze data to determine trends, and make and implement thoughtful recommendations with measureable results
  • Use findings to create accurate reports, presentations and other materials for both internal and external use
  • Consult with senior marketing leaders regarding progress toward goals, production levels and staffing needs
  • Firmly and completely understand call team efforts by spending four hours per month executing calls
  • Assist in writing and administering performance reviews and addressing disciplinary and/or performance issues according to US Assure policy
  • Perform and assist with payroll administration, including the monitoring and recording of attendance, paid time off (PTO) and employee leave
  • Consult with manager regarding progress toward goals, production levels, quality levels, staffing needs and procedural changes
  • Assist manager in interviewing call team candidates for employment and assessing organizational fit
  • Perform forecasting and review of employee schedules to ensure adequate staffing levels and resource allocation
  • Work in partnership with stakeholders to uphold US Assure’s corporate vision and mission
  • Utilize company systems and platforms to enter all interactions while maintaining production and quality standards.


How To Apply

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