Webinar: Conquering the Biggest Builders Risk Objections: Secrets to Closing the Account (Morning Session)

Ever gone into a client meeting sure they’d sign on the dotted line, only to encounter an obstacle you couldn’t overcome? It makes for a disappointing day. You can let the roadblock continue to be a problem, or you can turn it into a challenge to be one of the best insurance agents around! 

If you’re up for the challenge, our 30-minute webinar will help you discover secrets you can use every day to conquer builders risk insurance. You’ll hear guidance about:

  • Features you can pitch to clients
  • Common scenarios to help you tackle objections
  • Negotiation techniques you can put to work immediately

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October 15, 2019

Online Webinar
11:00 a.m. ET | 8:00 a.m. PT