Increased Coverage Limits and System Upgrades for Builders Risk

Mar 9, 2016

Effective March 7, many standard coverage limits will be adjusted to offer more value and protection, and our policy issuance platform will be upgraded to further enhance your overall online experience. Just a few of the features released include:

  • Higher default limits for many standard coverages at no additional charge
  • Default limits for standard coverages adjusted to suit the value of the project
  • Streamlined underwriting to reduce duplicate holds
  • Tailored application for installation projects
  • Simplified application for reporting form policies
  • Ability for the producer to look up and populate the business information of repeat client within the application
  • Access to underwriting comments from any screen of the online application, making it even easier for the producer to view and respond
  • New Recent Policies tool provides quick access to the last four policies issued
  • Dynamic search features to simplify online inquiry for existing policies and coverage forms
  • Improved look and more concise format for the completed, printable application

Your feedback continues to be instrumental in the evolution of the Builders Risk Plan insured by Zurich. It’s why  we can maintain a highly competitive product and ease of transacting business for you and your clients.