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Builders Risk Application Checklist
Checklist 1 min read

Learn what basic information you’ll need to gather before submitting an application online.

Appetite Guide: Builders Risk Plan Insured by Zurich
Guide 1 min read

Explore scope of coverage, underwriting considerations, project eligibility and more to get you started.

Builders Risk Policy Issuance System Demo
Video 6 min

Discover how simple it is to quote, issue and manage Zurich builders risk policies online.

2-Minute Snapshot: The Online Builders Risk Policy Issuance Experience
Video 2 min

Learn how fast and easy you can quote and issue with the Builders Risk Plan insured by Zurich.

5 Factors that Influence Builders Risk Insurance Cost
Guide 5 min read

Get an underwriting perspective about policy cost and how to identify components that could impact premium.

Get an Insurance Quote

US Assure® does business nationally with thousands of insurance agents and brokers. Your local insurance professional can assist you in securing coverage for any of the…

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Pay a Bill As a policyholder, you have multiple ways to pay your insurance premium directly to your provider, including credit card and EFT. Visit our Pay a…

Builders Risk Insurance Cost

If you're new to course of construction insurance, you may wonder what does builders risk insurance cost. The good news is that a builders risk policy is often more…

Begin the groundwork to sell builders risk insurance

Harness our 45 years of experience to confidently and quickly issue course of construction coverage without breaking a sweat.

Premises Liability Insurance

Property owners can be held liable for poor or dangerous conditions that could have been prevented on a construction site. This includes being held…

Rental Home Insurance

For many business investors, landlords and other owners of residential property, rental income is critical to the success of their investment. Because property is tenant…

Vacant Structure Insurance

Business investors, landlords and other owners of residential and commercial real estate often find their properties unoccupied during tenant or ownership transitions or even…

Eligible Clients and Projects

Who buys builders risk insurance? Almost every client with a financial interest in a completed construction project is eligible to purchase a builders risk insurance policy. This means…

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