You'll Receive Stellar Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and loyalty is measured by organizations using a well-known and proven performance benchmark called Net Promoter Score®. The measurement for the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is simple. Organizations are scored based on how their customers answer one question: Based on your experience, would you recommend this company to your colleagues or peers? 

Survey participants rank companies on a 1-to-10 scale. The goal is to achieve a ranking of a 9 or 10, which indicates customers are loyal enthusiasts who will keep buying and referring others. Rankings are then aggregated to determine an overall Net Promoter Score. 

US Assure is proud to maintain an average Net Promoter ranking of 9.59 across its agent network, resulting in a combined Net Promoter Score of +90. Any score greater than +50 is considered excellent. 

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Agent and broker testimonials

Peer-to-peer recommendations are a trusted guide for decision-making. Following are insights from our agent and broker network on why their experiences with US Assure have led them to be promoters of how we assure success for our customers.

"This was the first builders risk policy our agency has ever done. I was able to get a hold of someone right away the few times I had to call in for help and the service was tremendous. The system was very easy to quote and issue the policy." Mitchell, Solid Ground Insurance, Nebraska

It is fast and easy to quote. And if it goes to underwriting, they get back to you right away.” Delia, Insurance One Agency, Texas 

"The representatives I have spoken with have always been knowledgeable, and helpful, as I am new at quoting Builder's Risk and Renovation policies with US Assure." Tane, Steil Insurance Agencies, Louisiana

"I believe this is an excellent product. And combined with ease of doing business, it is naturally a 'go to' for me." Pam, Legacy Insurance, Florida 

"I had made an error in issuing the policy and had to call to get help to correct it. They were so very helpful and got the issue resolved immediately." Karen, Daly Williams Agency, Louisiana