Customer Support for Premium Invoice Payments

Thank you for trusting US Assure to help you with your construction and property insurance needs.

If you are a policyholder with bill payment questions, our team of specialists is available Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. Eastern time to help you. Contact us at (855) 872 - 7787.

How to Pay a Premium Invoice for Your Insurance Policy

Zurich | Builders Risk or Contractors Equipment Insurance Policies 
Policy prefix: BR, ER or EC

  •      Online EFT payment: Refer to your premium invoice for the website address.
  •      Pay-by-phone: (855) 872 - 7787
  •      Mailing address: US Assure, P.O. Box 935597, Atlanta, GA 31193-5597

Diamond State / Global Indemnity | Premises Liability, Rental Dwelling or Vacant Structure Insurance Policies
Policy prefix: VEP

Agent Billing and Commission Payment Portal

To access our online agency portal for business issued through a Zurich direct contractual relationship, visit

To access our online agency portal for business brokered through US Assure, visit