From construction to landscaping and excavation, businesses often rely on costly equipment to generate revenue.

US Assure’s contractors equipment policy is designed to protect commercial construction operations that own valuable mobile equipment. This includes construction machinery, equipment and tools of a mobile nature that are used in contracting, installation, erection and repair, or moving operations or projects.


What is contractors equipment insurance?

Construction equipment is often a contractor’s most valuable asset. When valuable construction tools and equipment are damaged or stolen, construction can come to a halt, pushing back timelines and impacting the bottom line. Contractors equipment insurance provides coverage for mobile machinery and equipment that is used by contractors to complete a project.

Why is contractors equipment insurance important?

Standard commercial liability coverage insures equipment that remains at one fixed location; however, it does not extend to equipment or tools that are moved around. Contractors equipment insurance fills this gap by providing protection in the event of damage and loss to machinery and tools that are transported from one job location to another.

What does contractors equipment insurance typically cover?

Contractors equipment coverage typically protects contractors and other equipment owners against a variety of exposures, including equipment breakdown, theft, vandalism, accidents, and damage caused by fire, floods and more. Equipment that is commonly covered includes (not is not limited to) bulldozers, power shovels, loaders, graders, backhoes, forklifts, excavators, pavers, compressors, pumps, cables, and other equipment that is mobile or portable.

Does contractors equipment insurance cover rented or borrowed equipment?

Typically, contractors equipment insurance covers tools and equipment that is purchased, rented, leased or borrowed from and to other individuals or businesses.


  • Can be written for contractors, commercial general contractors, agricultural, excavation, municipalities, wholesalers, retailers, or any other type of commercial risk owning mobile machinery and equipment
  • Items typically insured include bulldozers, tractors, power shovels, loaders, graders, backhoes, forklifts, excavators, pavers, compressors, pumps, and numerous other items of a mobile or portable nature


  • Ability to rate, quote, issue, and manage policies online in a few simple steps
  • Insured by Zurich, an “A” rated carrier
  • Scheduled values up to $10 million and up to $500,000 per item
  • Sold on a stand-alone basis with scheduled and blanket coverage options
  • Special coverage package automatically includes basic limits for additional debris removal expenses, expediting expenses, fire department service charges, inventory and appraisal, recharge of fire extinguishing equipment, and reward for recovery of stolen equipment
  • Direct billing with electronic payment options and an automated renewal process
  • Fast, easy access with no premium commitment


Nationwide, excluding Hawaii

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