You're at the right place to learn about course of construction coverage. The basic concept is relatively simple to grasp, even for those who don’t practice this line of business every day. With more than 45 years of experience as the exclusive administrator for the Zurich builders risk program, we’ll teach you how to confidently sell and service policies for new construction, remodeling and installation projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is builders risk insurance?

Builders risk insurance (also called course of construction insurance) protects a person's or organization's insurable interest in materials, fixtures and/or equipment to be installed during the construction or renovation of a building or structure should those items sustain physical loss or damage from a covered cause.

What does builders risk insurance cover?

Builders risk insurance can cover a variety of projects, offering standard coverages and additional endorsements to tailor policies for any residential or commercial course of construction project.

Depending on the coverage selected at the time of policy issuance, the Builders Risk Plan insured by Zurich can protect policyholders' financial wellbeing should loss occur from exposures such as theft, fire, materials in transit, back-up of sewers, flood, earthquake and much more.

Who buys builders risk insurance?

Individuals or entities, including contractors, business owners, homeowners, or financial institutions are often your primary builders risk clients. Depending on the terms of the construction contract, the contractor or project owner will be required to purchase builders risk coverage.

The Builders Risk Plan insured by Zurich allows for the policy to be purchased in the name of the owner or builder. Contractors and other parties of interest may also be protected under an additional named insured clause.

What does builders risk insurance cost?

The cost of a builders risk insurance policy is generally dependent upon the cost of the project plus the following factors: property type, location, construction type, optional coverage selected, and additional fees and taxes.

A policy from the Builders Risk Plan insured by Zurich starts at $375 in most states. You can get a builders risk insurance quote when you apply online today.

When do builders and owners purchase builders risk?

Demand for a builders risk policy is often time sensitive. Most purchases occur prior to or on the date of construction when the contract is finalized, which means you’ll need to act promptly when your client requests coverage.

In cases where your client begins construction without securing a builders risk policy, you will need to provide the percentage of construction completed during the application process, in addition to the total completed value. Projects greater than 30% complete are eligible through our program but subject to additional underwriting review.

Policy Coverage

The US Assure® Builders Risk Plan insured by Zurich is the nation’s leading inland marine policy for owners and contractors.

With comprehensive insurance coverage and flexible policy options, the Zurich builders risk policy is designed to meet the needs of residential and commercial customers for almost any project type valued up to $75 million.

New Construction Insurance

Covers course of construction projects from production to custom building.

Learn more

Remodeling Insurance

Covers commercial and home renovation projects, with the option to include the existing structure.

Learn more

Installation Insurance

Covers property of the insured and property of others being installed or awaiting installation.

Learn more


Partnering with industry experts that also offer financial stability, reliability and a favorable claims payment history is the best place to start when researching builders risk markets.

US Assure® and Zurich practice sound and consistent underwriting, have industry expertise, and remain steady with respect to appetite and pricing, making us proven and stable partners.

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