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XPressBIND®: Discover How to Skyrocket Builders Risk

XPressBIND®: Discover How to Skyrocket Builders Risk
Play XPressBIND®: Discover How to Skyrocket Builders Risk
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Leave the competition behind with XPressBIND, the quickest, easiest way to obtain residential builders risk insurance countrywide for new home construction projects valued up to $1M.

Designed to make it simpler to quote and issue policies, XPressBIND is an online builders risk application that eliminates most of the underwriting questions required for new home construction insurance valued up to $1M. Now, you can say “yes” to new accounts more often, earn revenue quicker and get a few minutes back in your day.

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With XPressBIND, you’ll answer just six questions, along with the risk address.

  1. Is this a single-family dwelling with a total completed value of $1M or less?
  2. Does the contractor have at least two years of project related experience?
  3. Is the home more than 30% complete?
  4. Is this a modular home?
  5. Is the protection class 9, 10 or ending in X?
  6. Effective date (text field).

If your responses meet the requirements, you’ll get a formal builders risk quote in record time – no additional underwriting information or holds will be required. All that’s left is to enter basic client information, validate your license and select the billing preference. Once that’s complete, the client’s policy will be ready for delivery and a premium invoice will be direct-billed to your client.

Eligible project examples

New home construction valued up to $1M



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