6 Big System Upgrades to Elevate Your Builders Risk Experience

September 20, 2021

After receiving feedback and holding exploratory conversations with owners, producers and CSRs, our innovative online system has improved again. You’ll be happy to find out that several features of our policy issuance system were enhanced on September 18 so you can support the customers and coworkers who need you most.

You can now enjoy the following on our builders risk policy issuance platform:

  1. Account Access at the Agency Level: Registered users within the same office will be able to access and make changes to builders risk submissions in progress by another representative of the agency.

  2. Skip Holds for Minor Application Changes: After a submission is approved, a change to the effective date, additional interests or insured mailing address will no longer result in an account hold, subject to binding authority. Click the shortcut links on the Policy Issuance Screen to access these features.

  3. Find Flood Zone Feature: You can quickly and conveniently identify the flood zone of the risk using an integrated tool from FEMA.gov. After clicking the View FEMA Flood Map link found in our application, the tool will automatically populate the risk address then give the designated flood zone.

  4. Completed Application: Improved Print Version: Simple enhancements were made to improve the look of the completed application so that the format is better suited for you to present it to a customer for signature.

  5. Online Application: Streamlined Layout: The arrangement of application questions will be modified on some screens to provide a more concise design, with several related fields positioned side-by-side rather than vertically.

  6. Wind Deductible on Certificate of Insurance: The wind deductible selected during the application process will appear on the certificate of insurance so that it’s easy for certificate holders to identify.

You need access to the best markets with efficient policy issuance systems. With these updates, you can continue to feel confident about your decision to depend on the Builders Risk Plan insured by Zurich.

We’re here to help. Should you have questions, our dedicated team of specialists is available at (800) 800 – 3907.

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