Builders Risk News Roundup: March 2024

March 1, 2024

Once reinstatement has been reviewed by our Billing team, here are three must-dos to accurately submit a No Loss Letter for policy reinstatement and to avoid further delays.

1) Include the policy cancellation date. 

The No Loss Letter form requires the policy cancellation date, which must match the issued cancellation notice and be formatted as MM / DD / YYYY.

2) Document the current date.

The No Loss Letter requires the “current date” to be documented in two areas. This date should be the exact day the letter is signed and submitted. For example, if the No Loss Letter is submitted to US Assure on March 21, 2024, the current date printed on the form should be 03/21/2024.

3) Acquire your client's signature.

No Loss Letters must show that there are no losses from the cancellation date to the date signed and submitted back to US Assure. Your client must sign the No Loss Letter on the exact day the form will be submitted to US Assure, and it should match the current date listed.

The No Loss Letter must be submitted on the same day it’s signed by the client, as the date signed and submitted is the date used to affirm no losses.

Have questions? Contact our Billing team at (855) 872 – 7787 or

This is intended as a general description of certain types of insurance and services available to qualified customers. Any description of policy provisions is meant to give a broad overview of coverages and does not revise or amend a policy. Refer to the policy coverage form for a complete representation of the scope of coverage, terms, conditions, exclusions and more. The policy is the contract that specifically and fully describes your coverage. Some products may not be available in all states and may only be offered on a non-admitted basis. Product availability is subject to change.

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