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Endorsing One-Shot Builders Risk Policies
Endorsing One-Shot Builders Risk Policies
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Hi there! Are you expecting Mary? Too bad! You got Ethel today. I'm covering for Mary while she's traveling for work. And I've been studying all night to give you the straight dish on builders risk endorsements. Did you know you can endorse the builders risk policy yourself [if it was issued online]? And if you did beat yourself pat on the back if you've never done it before.

It's simple! Log on to our secure agent portal at usassure.com. From the left navigation, you'll select Endorse. Under Endorsement Type, you have five options to choose from.

  1. Change your name and mailing address
  2. Change property address
  3. Additional interest: add, change or delete
  4. Change limits and deductible.

Just choose what you need.

And don't forget about number five. If you've ever tried this before, you might know we also offer a blank endorsement, but this one seems to perplex a lot of people. We see all kinds of strange requests submitted.

I got to tell y'all ... we are nosy, and we love to know the important details of your client's projects. But when it comes to the blank endorsement, you don't have to tell us your client changed their email address or they painted their house lavender.

And we especially don't want you to ask for a cancellation on the blank endorsement. If you do that, you could be setting yourself up for delays, misunderstandings about coverages in place, and certainly more work. Yuck. And here's what you use the blank endorsement for on a one shot builders risk policy. Changing a zip code, the number of stories, the square footage, the protection class or changing the contractor. To request an endorsement for a reporting form builders risk policy, email us at buildersriskrequests@usassure.com.

I hope this helps and I hope they find Mary for the next video. This is eating into “me time.” My goodness. ‘Til next time.

This is intended as a general description of certain types of insurance and services available to qualified customers. Any description of policy provisions is meant to give a broad overview of coverages and does not revise or amend a policy. Refer to the policy coverage form for a complete representation of the scope of coverage, terms, conditions, exclusions and more. The policy is the contract that specifically and fully describes your coverage. Some products may not be available in all states and may only be offered on a non-admitted basis. Product availability is subject to change.

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