Why Agents Shouldn’t Neglect Installation Floater Insurance
Discover why subcontractors and service providers could benefit from custom coverage for their installation jobs.
3 Steps to Establish Your Construction Insurance Expertise
Guide 3 min read

Strengthen your construction industry knowledge and grow your business with this helpful guide.

Builders Risk Coverage Comparison Checklist
Checklist 2 min read

Examine how competitors stack up to Zurich’s course of construction policy and its benefits.

Builders Risk Insurance: Understanding 10 Optional Coverage Endorsements
Guide 2 min read

Get descriptions of several residential and commercial coverage endorsements.

Coverage Summary by Policy Type
Guide 2 min read

Get a complete list of optional coverages available for various policy types and values.

How to Find the Right Builders Risk Policy
Guide 3 min read

Learn how to select the best policy for your client and their project.

Reducing Water Damage During Construction
Guide 13 min read

Review and share guidelines to mitigate water exposures, respond to risks and prevent jobsite losses.

Conquering the Biggest Residential Builders Risk Objections
Guide 6 min read

Overcome four common obstacles when recommending builders risk to homeowners.

Video 6 min

Navigate eligibility, coverages and policy issuance for installation floater insurance.

Agents Top Questions About Installation Floater Insurance
Tip Sheet

If you have clients who are trade contractors, an installation floater or builders risk insurance policy can provide protection for materials and equipment being installed.

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