6 Steps to Avoid Common Policy Issuance Pitfalls
Article, Video 4 min read
Discover tactics you can use to avoid common claim missteps and protect your clients.
What Sets Remodeling Projects Apart
Article, Video 3 min read
Uncover the three categories clients' remodeling projects could be put into, and why it matters.
Why Agents Shouldn’t Neglect Installation Floater Insurance
Discover why subcontractors and service providers could benefit from custom coverage for their installation jobs.
3 Scenarios When You Should Pitch Premises Liability with Builders Risk Insurance
Uncover how and when to cross-sell premises liability with builders risk.
How to Choose the Right Builders Risk Insurance Policy for Your Contractor
Answer these four questions to help decide the right coverage for commercial clients.
How Soft Costs Coverage Cuts Surprise Expenses
Show clients why soft cost insurance coverage can provide valuable protection.
10 Unique Commercial Structures Our Agents Insured
Article 3 min read
Read how we can help insure a wide variety of your clients’ commercial building projects.
Why Hot Work Permits?
Article 2 min read
Get insights from Zurich Risk Engineering Consultant Curt Westrick on hot work permits.
How to Classify a Project as New Construction or Remodeling
Article, Video
Uncover the critical differences between new construction and remodeling projects.
Ask An Underwriter: Submitting Builders Risk Online
Get answers from our underwriting team about three frequently asked questions about online policy issuance.
Builders Risk Insurance: 3 Top Loss Trends and What Agents Can Do
Discover the most common causes of course of construction loss and learn steps to mitigate the risk.
Builders Risk Insurance: How to Prepare for Material Increases and Project Delays
Video, Article 5 min
Clients more money to cover construction costs? Read US Assure’s blog to learn which builders risk coverage endorsements can help.
Builders Risk Insurance: 5 Things to Know About Commercial Remodeling
Master five nuances you need to understand when securing a commercial remodeling policy with the Builders Risk Plan insured by Zurich when you read this article.
Builders Risk Insurance: 3 Considerations When Insuring Frame Construction
Article, Video 5 min
There’s weight off your shoulders when securing Zurich Builders Risk for frame construction. Read US Assure’s blog to learn three things you should keep in mind.
Builders Risk Insurance: Lessons Learned from Claim Setbacks
Article, Video 8 min
As an agent, it's a hard day when clients don't receive expected payment for a loss due to a policy issuance error. Read this article for real claim stories and eight lessons learned to help you avoid similar mistakes.
Claim Stories: Occupancy Error with Warehouse Fire
Article, Video 3 min
Read about a real-life claim story where an occupancy error led to a fire claim going unpaid.
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