Builders Risk Insurance for Homeowners: Why is it needed?
Article, Video
Discover four reasons why homeowners need builders risk insurance during new construction or remodeling.
6 Steps to Avoid Common Policy Issuance Pitfalls
Article, Video 4 min read
Discover tactics you can use to avoid common claim missteps and protect your clients.
What Sets Remodeling Projects Apart
Article, Video 3 min read
Uncover the three categories clients' remodeling projects could be put into, and why it matters.
Unsold Dwelling vs. Builders Risk Insurance for New Homes
Article, Video
Uncover reasons a builder or homeowner may need unsold dwelling coverage after construction is completed.
Help! Home Construction Started & I Don’t Have Builders Risk Insurance
Article 4 min read
Explore three scenarios to help you protect clients who started building without construction coverage.
3 Steps to Sell Builders Risk to House Flippers
Article 3 min read
Use these three tactics to prepare for the coverage conversation with remodeling homeowners.
3 Scenarios When You Should Pitch Premises Liability with Builders Risk Insurance
Uncover how and when to cross-sell premises liability with builders risk.
Builders Risk Insurance: Choosing Named Insureds for Home Building and Remodeling
Article, Video 3 min
Discover how to determine the right named insured for a residential builders risk policy.
7 Tips to Avoid Common Residential Builders Risk Insurance Mistakes
Equip yourself with seven expert insights to navigate claim pitfalls.
How Soft Costs Coverage Cuts Surprise Expenses
Show clients why soft cost insurance coverage can provide valuable protection.
5 Benefits to Having Builders Risk Insurance During Home Remodeling
Show clients why their existing homeowners policy may not be enough when remodeling a home.
4 Considerations for Agents with Home Remodeling Clients
Find out what steps personal lines agents should take to ensure homeowners are adequately covered.
Soft Costs Coverage Isn’t Just for Commercial Construction
Show residential building clients why soft cost insurance coverage can be a valuable coverage addition.
5 Tips to Manage the Change Order Process
Discover five ways to help contractors manage change orders on their construction projects.
How to Classify a Project as New Construction or Remodeling
Article, Video
Uncover the critical differences between new construction and remodeling projects.
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